Located near Stavanger, this fjord offers 1200 meter tall cliffs, a beautiful fjord, remote campsites, seals and eagles. This trip is suitable for those wanting an adventure in one of Norway`s most scenic fjords.

Dates: 1-4 August 2022
Price: 4500 NOK / 425 EUR
Equipment rental: 1000 (kayak, paddle, spraydeck, safety west, tent)
Meeting place: Lauvvika parking lot 

Explore one of Norway`s most amazing fjords with cliffs toweing 1200 meters above the sea level.

This Fjord expedition lasts 4 days and the aim is to paddle and explore the Lysefjord from Forsand to Lysebotn.

The trip is suitable for those who have taken a basic 2 star course (NPF Grunnkurs or similar 2 star course) and want to see one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. 

Lysefjorden is a 42 kilometer long fjord located in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county (in southwestern Norway). Lysebotn is located at the very eastern end of the fjord. At the western end, the Lysefjord bridge crosses the fjord and takes us to Forsand. 

Lysefjord means light fjord, since the fjord is surrounded by high rock walls of lightly colored granite such as Kjerag and Preikestolen. In the fjord we will experience waterfalls, wildlife, exciting geology, as well as wild and beautiful nature. There are seal colonies and eagles in this fjord.

The fantastic mountain plateau Preikestolen, which towers 604 meters above the Lysefjord, is ranked as one of Norway's foremost nature-based destinations. You can also experience Kjerag on the other side of the Lysefjord, this mountain plateau is located at 1100 meters above sea level.

From Flørli power station, the world's longest wooden staircase with its 4444 steps in wood takes you 740 meters above sea level in less than two hours. 

Camping fees and ferry ticket from Lysebotn to Lauvvik is included in the price.

Flørli stairs

Day 1: We start the trip at Lauvvika where we will leave our cars at the car park. 

We paddle to our first camp site at Ytre Dørvika (10 km).

Day 2: A paddle to Flørli (22 km). Camp site 2 is Flørli camping. We will have showers and toilets available to us.

Day 3: . Those who want can join us for the hike up the 4444 stairs for an unforgettable view at the top. We will have showers and toilets available to us. After the walk we take a short paddle to Håhelleren (6km).

Day 4: A paddle to our final destination Lysebotn (10 km). We will take our time to enjoy the most scenic part of our journey and take a lunch break beneath the Kjerag cliff towering 1100 m above us.  A ferry from Lysebotn to Lauvvika to complete the trip.


Age: 16+

Requirements for participation: Basic course sea kayaking, must be able to swim. 



Transport to and from Lysebotn is not included in the price. The ferry from Lysebotn to Lauvvika is included in the price. Camping at Flørli camping is also included. 



We will be outdoors for 4 days and spend the night in tents.


You will need: 

- Tent 

- Sleeping bag 

- Sleeping pad 

- Stove

- Gas 

- Cookware 

- Cutlery 

- Drinking bottles or water bag. We can fill water in rivers along the way. You should bring 3 liters of water when we start the trip. 

- Thermos 

- Hiking trousers, all-weather jacket 

- Two changes of wool underwear (trousers, sweater) 

- Socks 

- Hat / beanie 

- Footwear 

- Food for 4 days (3 breakfast 4 lunch and 4 dinners) 

- First aid equipment 

- Sunscreen 

- Sunglasses 

- Camera!

Pack everything in waterproof bags to keep your equipment dry. Plastic bags are not good enough for this purpose.

You do not need a dry suit on this trip as the  temperature is warm enough. A paddle jacket is recommended so that water does not run down your arms when you paddle. A paddle jacket will also protect against wind and rain. 


Tour leaders: 

Kriki de Smet and Kristoffer Vandbakk


When you sign up for this trip, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms for participating.

If you have questions regarding the trip, contact us at