Join the ambitious goal of circumnavigating Magerøya in Finnmark. The iconic Nordkapp is the highlight of this expedition, but the island is home to alot more. Rich wildlife, tidal currents and unique landscapes lies along our planned route.

Dates: 18-22 July 2024
Price: 8900 NOK, 777 EUR, 667 GBP, 847 USD
Rental kayak: Available for 1500 NOK
Number of participants: 8

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The North Cape is mainland Europe`s most northern point accessible by car. Unknown to some is that the actual northernmost point is the headland called Knivskjellodden. On this expedition we have the aim of paddling around the whole island of Magerøya. A total distance of about 120 km.  

As always up North the weather will decide what we will be doing. We have several options available for our 5 days trip, should the weather prevent us from completing our primary goal.

Below is one possible scenario:

Day 1, arrival at Kamøyvær, briefing about the coming week and a paddle to Kjeldvika, 21 km.
Day 2, a paddle to Finnvika with a stop at the town of Honningsvåg, 30 km
Day 3, a paddle to Tunes passing by the bird colonies at Gjesværstappan, 32 km
Day 4, a padle to Opnan passing by Knivskjellodden and Nordkapp, 24 km
Day 5, a paddle from Opnan to Kamøyvær, 9 km

This is an advanced expedition and we will have to follow the tide in order to make our journey possible. The area has strong currents and by taking advantage of this we will save time and effort. 

During this expedition the tidal coefficient will reach 'very high'. This means we can expect currents of 4 knots and more around headlands and in the Magerøy-sound. Local tideraces with a faster flow is also likely to occur at peak flow. Taking advantage of the tide but also avoiding unnecessary strong currents is an obvious vision for our group.

Route selection and planning is key on this expedition. If necessary we will take advantage of the midnight sun and paddle at night. The participants must have a flexible mindset and be willing to adapt to the conditions. Safety will always be our primary concern on this trip.

Our starting point, the fishing village of Kamøyvær:


Magerøy is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a rich array of fauna adapted to the Arctic environment. The cliffs are home to colonies of seabirds, including puffins, kittiwakes, and guillemots, whose acrobatic flights add a vibrant spectacle to the expedition. Keep an eye out for the majestic white-tailed eagles soaring high above, their impressive wingspans casting shadows on the rocky cliffs.

Beneath the surface, the cold, nutrient-rich waters teem with marine life. Curious seals may pop up to greet your kayak, and if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a pod of orcas or humpback whales cruising through the Arctic waves. The biodiversity of Magerøy extends to its shores, where Arctic foxes roam and reindeer graze peacefully, creating a harmonious coexistence with nature.

The expedition includes stops at hidden coves and secluded beaches, allowing you to stretch your legs and explore the island's unique flora. Hardy Arctic plants, such as mosses, lichens, and vibrant wildflowers, paint the landscape with delicate hues, creating a stark but beautiful contrast against the rugged terrain.

As the sun hangs low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the Arctic landscape, the guided sea kayaking expedition offers a moment of reflection and connection with the untamed beauty of Magerøy. Whether you're navigating through narrow channels or paddling along expansive fjords, every stroke of the paddle reveals the raw, unspoiled allure of this remote island.

Experience required:

Most of this trip is remote and isolated, so our participants need to meet certain standards. The weather and tide will dicate what is possible on this trip. Safety comes first and at Nordkapp the weather is always the deciding factor.

We require that you have passed a 3 star sea kayak course. Alternatively you must have sufficient experience to paddle in 3 star conditions (1,25 meter waves, 8 m/s wind). Furthermore you must know how to land a sea kayak in surf so some surfing experience will be essential. There may be surf conditions on our landing beaches and surf zones are relatively high risk areas. You must be comfortable paddling  30 km per day for a few days in a row.

We also ask that you are a contributing member of the group. We need all the members of the group to contribute where they can, whether at sea or on land. We will be isolated at times and it’s therefore important that everyone assist each other whenever possible.

The guides will bring a range of communication methods including phones, VHF and satellite communication. 

Lastly, the conditions can be rough in this area. If we deem the conditions too demanding we will go for our plan B. You must however be prepared and able to paddle and camp under rough conditions; high winds and big waves.

By joining this guided tour you accept the risks associated with paddling on a remote coastline in northern Norway.

Medical / health issues:

If you have any health issues affecting yourself or the group, please let us know in advance. You are responsible for qualifying yourself fit and healthy enough to participate.

Equipment required:

Dry suit
Warm clothing, waterproof jacket
Hiking shoes or boots
Tow rope for sea kayaking
A hat to protect yourself from the sun
Helmet for sea kayaking
Neoprene gloves or mittens
Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, stove)

We can provide you with gas for your stove.

The average temperature  is 12 degrees celsius in July. Bring appropriate clothes.

Environmental considerations:

We like the term “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs”. We will bring out all garbage with us. Campfires will be made on a bed of rocks to leave no trace. We will bring a small shovel to to dig small holes and cover any human waste.


Travel insurance is always recommended. You are responsible for having the appropriate accident and travel insurance for sea kayaking on a remote coastline for several days. Call your insurance agency if in doubt. We recommend booking a return flight  which includes cancellation insurance.

Getting there:

Flying to Alta airport and taking the bus from Alta to Honningsvåg (3 hours) is perhapos the cheapest option if you are flying in. Alternatievely the local airport at Honningsvåg is a possibility. Booking tickets early to Honningsvåg may give you cheaper tickets.

We will provide a pick-up service from Honningsvåg to and from Kamøyvær

Please arrange your arrival the day before and after the trip. That means you need to arrive before July 18 and leave after July 24.


We will be wild camping in our tents in some of the most stunning nature Norway has to offer.


On this trip Hugo Salamonsen and Kristoffer Vandbakk will be your guides. Hugo has lived his whole life on the island and explores this place all year round in his kayak and on foot. Kristoffer is an experienced sea kayak guide and has led multiple guided expeditions in Lofoten, Troms and Finnmark..

    Hugo Salamonsen                                                                                                     Kristoffer Vandbakk